Today, the choir was supposed to sing at a fund-raiser for an organization called Love, Inc.  They work with many churches to help the community with needs that one church cannot provide.  For the past two years, they have given us the opportunity to come and sing and PROMOTE Special Gathering during their fund-raiser.  Amazingly generous.

The choir was prepared to sing and looking forward to it after a month of rest during June.  Because it’s been over a month since we have sung and there was a mid-week change in staff in the two group homes, where some of our members live, I knew I needed to call and remind them.  However, their phones were either busy or out-of-order when I repeatedly tried. 

I called early the morning of the event to remind our members to wear or take their choir uniforms to work because I picking them up after work.  However, when I finally reached the staff where my anchor voice person lives, he said, “Oh, no, Terr’s mother called and she is picking up Terr from work to take her home.  She won’t be going.”  Terr has become more and more vital to us because I have five men who are inexperienced and much lower functioning and two men who lack confidence.  There is only one other lady and she greatly depends on Terr to lead her, also. 

Within two hours I received a call from the mother of the other woman in the choir.  She was full of apologies.  “Becky has a terrible cold and a blood vessel has burst in my eye.  I cannot drive.  Becky can’t come.”  For me that settled it.  We would not sing.  My women more than carry the melody of the choir.  They are essential to the sound. 

When I finally was able to reach the others, I found that for one reason or another, it was also impossible for them to sing.  Two of the men could not be reach, Larry and Carlos.  That was fine.  They would accompany me and I had been given the option of speaking instead of singing.  I would speak.  There would be no singing.  Larry was happy with that.

However, Carlos, whose disability is within the autism spectrum, was ready, willing and delighted to sing.  Larry acquiesced.  The result was a wonderful duo of three songs.  I was thrilled and so were they.  I don’t think that either one of them believed that they could do this and I certainly was surprised. 

After the event and I was driving home.  I remembered their broad smiles and confident steps.  It would be just like the Lord to orchestrate this entire debacle to help boast their confidence in Him, I thought.  In my spirit, I could see the Lord’s smile.  It was as though He was saying to me, “You guessed it.”

Amazing, extravagant love God shares with all of us.  I’m so thrilled to be His child.  And I’m also thrilled to know that Carlos and Larry are the objects of His great care and concern.