Several times a week, I sit in pastor’s meetings in at least three counties.  The closer the friendships, the more frankly the pastors speak about their concerns and problems.  During some sessions, I leave thanking God that I am working with people who have disabilities.  The members of Special Gathering are men and women with obvious flaws but hearts that desire to follow the Lord.

 Author Jan Karon uses a wonderful term to describe the fictitious church in one of her books–“hungry and imperfect.”  One of the main characters says that the reason that she loves the new church is because it is filled with people who are “hungry and imperfect.”  I’ve read no better description than this to describe the members of Special Gathering.

The imperfections are obvious.  No mere crooked noses or small feet here.  Their reasoning and intellectual abilities are reduced.  Too often, their bodies have suffered some type of developmental difficulties, leaving them physically impaired. 

Yet, these are people who are hungry.  They sit listening intently.  Of course, Mike holds the hand of his girlfriend during the sermon; but he rarely blinks throughout the entire discourse.  He is intent to learn more about his Savior.  With a bit of encouragement, John asks excellent questions.  He struggles to get the correct answer to questions asked  during our Bible study.  Windy, Mary and Laura all desire to know God in a more perfect way. 

Paraphrasing an unknown author, God comes into the darkest most imperfect rooms of our hearts and there He seeks to set up his home.  Cleansing, perfecting and loving us into his perfection and wholeness.  Worshipping with folks who are “hungry and imperfect” I’ve found there is no better place where we,  his children, can find a resting, growing place?