Catching up after returning from a trip taxes my body and brain.  Today I was again caught in a whirlwind of activity.  However, I wanted to be sure and get my blog written.  Nevertheless, when I sat down to type up my thoughts, I fell asleep, dropping my head on the table.  Is this another sign that I’m getting old?

Those of you who are under 40 will not understand this statement.  Yet, even though I enjoy the freedom getting older affords a person, I don’t like getting old.  It has been found by medical research that sickness coupled with a lack of physical and mental stimulation is the main cause of people getting old. 

More and more I’m finding our members who are mentally challenged are getting old more quickly than the general population.  Of course, there are exceptions.  Stanley is 83 and remained active until recently.  He told me,  “I refuse to stay at home and become an old man.”  He has gone with us on day trips to Disney each year and come to Special Gathering every Saturday. 

But a mentally challenged person who reaches his or her 50’s is probably getting older much more quickly than the general population.  Of course, most of these brave folks were told that they would never reach their teen years.  They have beaten the life expectancy odds repeatedly. 

I find working with these amazingly resilient people, that my appreciation for the tenacity of life becomes more and more anchored.  However, with all their positive qualities, they are still a people who need the redemptive power of salvation provided by the Father through Jesus Christ.  They aren’t exempt from the horrific fall of mankind or the effects of the Adamic nature. 

The songwriter penned, “People need the Lord.”  There is an even more urgent need to understand that this important population needs the redemptive power of Christ’s resurrection to overtake their lives.  The sands of time are moving swiftly in this electronic age.  And they are rapidly running out for an aging population of women and men who are mentally challenged.  We must get serious about evangelizing and discipling people with developmental disabilities.