I remember the days that riding eight to ten hours was a torturous ordeal.  Crammed into a car with three children who whined and complained and a driver who only wanted to get to our destination as quickly as possible was painful.  To help my husband who are driving, I would struggle to not sleep, even though I’d been up most of the night getting clothes and baggage ready for the trip. 

In recent years, however, we’ve discovered the recorded books and they have made our trip a pleasure.  We only stop for fuel and bathroom breaks.  We eat in the car because we don’t want a break from the story.  The last part of our trip we listened to Jan Karon’s Light from Heaven.  Even if you have read or listened to other books by her, this one is a jewel.  Don’t miss it.

The 16 hour trip from Washington DC to our home in Central Florida was a pleasure.  We arrived at 11pm dead tired.  Yet, we were sorry that the trip was over because we had not finished the Karon’s delightful tale.