Jesus is the Rock

Central Theme:  Jesus is the foundation and stable person in my life.

Introduction–Tell about putting down the patio (or another project that needs a foundation).  Tell about how it had to have a firm foundation.  Tell what you put down.  How you prepared the soil.  These were the most important steps in putting the patio down. Have a member read Matthew 16:18.

       I.     Jesus spoke to Peter and told him that on a foundation of rocks he would build his church. 

              A. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the chief cornerstone

              B. Jesus said that Peter would be part of the foundation stones.

              C. It is important that the church have a good start.

      II.     As part of the church, SPG is to have a good foundation.

          A. Special Gathering does not own any buildings.

              B. But our foundation is built on some rocks.

                   1.  We have rocks of people, like Peter and the other disciples

      III.     God wants our lives to be built on a good Rock also. 

              A. Jesus can help us to build good lives.

              B. We can be people who trust God. 

              C. Jesus will be sure that our lives don‘t crumble every time something goes wrong in our lives.

Conclusion  Jesus is the best foundation for our lives.