I have a friend who is developmentally disabled and she writes and publishes a Bible study for her friends “on her computer.”  I’ve asked her how she distributes it but I haven’t been able to fully understand whether she prints it out or sends it via e-mail.

I have, however, seen the difference her Bible studies have made in the life of several of her friends.  She isn’t ashamed of her faith in Christ and she works hard to maintain her position as their Bible teacher by living a godly life.  I am really impressed by her consistent faithfulness.  She is the kind of Christian I want to be when I grow up.

There are times that the electronic whirlwind that envelops our society and our members seems to leave them lost and alone.  Too often, that loneliness develops into too much time spent playing computer games.  As with everything in our lives, our electronic equipment can be a blessing or a curse.  Developmentally disabled men living alone have easy access to pornography through their computers.  Violent games play havoc on the senses of men and women who can punch buttons but may not be able to process the sensory over-loads these stimulating games provide.

Prayer, of course, is again the key to unlocking God’s purpose and direction for our members.  As we pray for them, I try to remember the complicated world they live in and pray for God wisdom for them.