Honor Your Mother

Ruth 4

Central Theme:  We must love and respect our mothers.

Introduction–I could not imagine how much my mother loved me until I had my first child.  I could not imagine how a mother could love two or three children until I had two children.  I could not imagine how a mother would be willing to sacrifice until I had my three children. Have a member read from Ruth 4. 

       I.     Tell the story of Ruth, Boaz and King David.

              A. Ruth was David‘s grandmother.

              B. She was a woman who trusted God in what she did.

      II.     The Bible says that mothers will be made holy by having and raising children.

              A. Your mother loves you like no other person on earth.

                   1.  She was willing to give her life to give you birth.

          B. God gives mothers a special place in the scriptures.

     III.     Mothers are special To God.

              1.  We are to treat our mothers with great respect and love.

Conclusions:  God commanded that we love our parents.  Logic tells us that is a good idea.