If you have never visited Shelly’s Page at Special Gathering stories, you should go.  Michelle Demeree is a gifted writer and member of Special Gathering.  She serves as a deacon and she is part of our Board of Directors.  You will be blessed if you visit.  

Shelley began attending our Melbourne program when she was about 20 years old.  Over the years, she grew in the Lord.  Within a short time, she wanted to become a deacon.  (Our deacons are chosen by and come from our membership.) 

After explaining to her the Scriptural admonitions regarding taking positions in the church when you are too young, Shelley was willing to wait.  But she reminded me often that she still wanted to be a deacon.  As Shelley became older, she began acting like a deacon.  I could always depend on her to help with visitors and to assure that they would feel at home.  She was willing to move chairs and set up tables.  She was eager to help.

At the beginning of this year, she was elected as one of our deacons.  No one was surprised because she had been acting in a deacon position for many years.  Our deacons are nominated by the membership.  Then our elders review the nominations.  The people who received the top votes almost always are confirmed by the elders.  Then the top people are voted on by the membership. 

Shelley is working happily each week, helping with chores that other people may feel are “below” them.  Shelley does them with a smile.  She asks for no recognition and she demands nothing from us.  I hope she thinks that fulfilling her dream to become a deacon has been worth the wait.  I certainly do.

Visit her page and leave a comment.  Shelley will be blessed.