Being a writer takes a person with a rather large ego.  After all, I’m saying that I have something to say that is of value to you.  After my first book was published, I realized that most people believe they have something to say that is valuable enough to take the time of other people.  In fact, I found that nearly everyone has a book about their life that they wanted to have SOMEONE else write. 

Writing a blog becomes a convenient and easy way to “have your say.”  In fact, that is the motto of some blogs:  “Have your say.”  But if you are going to take up your time and the time of others, there are some important rules to remember.  Here are a few of them.

  • Check your work for typos and grammar.  WordPress has an editing feature.  There is no excuse to publish something that is full of mistakes. 
  • You and the editing feature won’t catch all your mistakes but strive to do the best you can.
  • Be sure that your subject is of interest to others.  Sometimes variety will help to make that happen.  Other times you may want to lean on your expertise in a certain area.  Occasionally, venting is permitted.
  • Good writing is still rewriting.  You will need to rewrite what you want to publish several times.
  • Don’t overdo the rewrites.  Find where your rewriting level is maximized and stop the process at that point.  I limit my rewrites to five.  After that, I’ve learned that I’m not improving the work but simply changing it.
  • Don’t assume that your reader knows anything about what you are saying.  Describe and give information that will help your reader to understand the teaching you want to convey.  Think to yourself, If I knew nothing about this situation, would I understand it now?
  • Use a thesaurus to find interesting and descriptive words to incorporate into your text. 
  • Remember writing is 90 percent a skill.  Skill can become an art form but you must master the skill before it can become an art.
  • While blogs are an informal vehicle for your writing, if you take your writing seriously so will others.
  • One entry does not a blog make.  The medium is still emerging but there is a need for frequent entries if you desire to be taken seriously.

I’ve learned it is true that everyone has something to teach and has valuable information to share.  Your relationship with the Lord and your methods of relating to your members can become an important guide post for others.  However, your presentation is as vital as what you have to teach.  Years ago, I realized that the meals that I prepared for my family and friends were enhanced if I served the meals in pretty dishes with attractive place settings.  In the same way, presentation isn’t everything but it is about 40 percent of what will make your blog effective.