Jesus is the Rock

I Peter 2:4-7

Central Theme:  Jesus is the foundation and stability in my life.

Introduction–I told about putting when I laid a patio in my side yard.  It had to have a firm foundation.  Read I Peter 2:4-6.  I press the soil.  Then I put down tar paper and rabbit wire.  I prepared the soil by wetting it down again and again and pressing it with a blunt, heavy instrument.  These two steps were the most important things about putting the patio down. 

       I.     Jesus spoke to Peter and told him that on a foundation of rocks he would build his church. 

              A. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the chief cornerstone. I Peter 2:7

              B. Jesus said that Peter would be part of the building stones.  Matthew 16:15-18

              C. It is important that the church have a good stones.

      II.     I found that there was a problem with my stones. They were sand stones and they were too weak for a good patio.  I had to put in wire and mortar to hold it firm and steady. 

          A. We have a big problem as people.

              B. We are too weak to stand alone.

                   1.  We need a firm foundation–Jesus.

     III.     But there is more–we need each other to be strong.             

              A. We cannot fully exist without each other.

              B. We must have the entire body of Christ–even those which appear to be more defective than us. 

              C. Even as the defective stone because the cornerstone, God want to unite us into a strong church. 

     IV.     How do we do this. 

              A. Be sure that Jesus is your only foundation and work from there.

              B. Three things needed to grow

                   1.  Be sure that you are clinging to the church–no   matter how flawed.

                        A. The woman whose mom forced her to go to church and she won’t go now.

                   2.  Prayer must become the center of our lives.

                   3.  Be sure that you immerse yourself in the Word of God.

              C. Complete the armor of God in your whole being to strengthen your personal life Eph 6:14-18.

                   1.  Your gut must know and love truth.

                   2.  Your heart must be covered with righteousness.

                   3.  Your feet must be prepared to share the peace of the gospel.

                   4.  God’s continuing salvation must be at work in your thought processes.

                   5.  The shield of Faith must become your protection.

                   6.  Again, the Word of God must be  your only weapon–and that is against the enemy of your soul.

Conclusion  Jesus is the best foundation for our lives.