Before I was allowed to run my own program in Special Gathering, I was vetted for about two years by our executive director and pastor, Richard Stimson.  He tried to put me through every situation that he could imagine in order to see how I would work into a solution.

Because I’d never been put through this type of examination in ministry, I was occasionally a bit put off by the continuing examinations.  However, it wasn’t long after I was put in charge of a program that there was a situation for which I’d not been prepared.  I was happy for the years of vetting and examination that I helped me to think through the problem.  The years of studying the Special Gathering Manual also helped. 

Over the years, I’ve been met with numerous situations that weren’t covered in the years that I was in training.  And there are times that I have not used good judgement.  Yet, I’ve never been sorry that I wasn’t pushed into ministry without come vital training. 

Special Gathering is now looking into the possibility of an internship program.  We are interested in the advice of others who have interns serving in their ministries.  What are the pitfalls?  What are the good things about your program?  What advice would you give to us?