We can succeed if we obey God

John 13:2-10

Central Theme:  Obedience is the key to success with Jesus.

Introduction–Here is a simple paper clip invented in 1866 by Johan Vaaler.  He was an inventor who was struggling with the big problems of the day involving the Norwegian government.  But one day, sitting at his desk he found a piece of straight wire and he started to bend it.  Then he realized that it could be used to help papers together when he bent it in a certain way.  It was strong and it would work.  This inventor learned that sometimes it is the little things that make you very successful.  Read John 13:6-9.

       I.     Jesus and his disciples were about to celebrate the Passover feast; his last passover.

          A. Jesus clothed himself with a towel and began to wash the disciples‘ feet.

          B. Peter protested.

          C. Jesus said, “If you don‘t let me wash your feet, you can have no part of me.”  Peter  said, “No just my feet, my hands and head also.”

      II.     Obedience must be in the little things–allowing Jesus to wash our feet.

              A. As a child, the questions was “What if the communists came and took over our church. Would you deny Jesus?”

              B. As an adult, I found that it is the little things that made me stumble.

     III.     All of the law of God can be wrapped up in 10 simple sentences–the 10 commandments.

              1.  I wanted to do big things but God required me to live a simple life.

              2.  I was sure that my life would Count for God.

                   A.    It does but only when I obey in the simple things.

                   B.           Don’t cause confusion at work.

                          1.  If everyone else is wrong, then I must be wrong.

                   C.        Do the best you can in all your work.

                          1.  For years, my work was in the home.

                          2.  No one saw me or appreciated what I did.

                          3.  It was extremely difficult to do my best.

                   D.    Be kind and considerate of other people.

Conclusion      The paper clip is a small thing–bending of wire.  Allowing Jesus to kneel at his feet and wash his feet was a small thing but Peter learn that Jesus wants us to be obedient in the small things of life.