Govenor Charlie Crist vetoed the provider rate cuts.  
                          The reduction to the APD tier caps are not.       
                                    CHARLIE CRIST – GOVERNOR                
                      Interim Secretary Dawn K. Roberts Florida Department  
                     of State R. A. Gray Building 500 South Bronough Street
                                   Tallahassee, Florida 32399              
                                Dear Interim Secretary Roberts:            
                     By the authority vested in me as Governor of Florida,  
                     under the provisions of Article lll, Section 8, of the
                        Constitution of Florida, I do hereby withhold my    
                        approval of portions of House Bill 5001, enacted    
                      during the 112th Regular Session of the Legislature,  
                          since Statehood in 1845, convened under the      
                              Constitution of 1968, and entitled:          
                     An act making appropriations; providing moneys for the
                     annual period beginning July 1, 2010, and sending June
                     30, 2011, to pay salaries, and other expenses, capital
                      outlay – buildings, and other improvements, and for  
                      other specified purposes of the various agencies of  
                         State government; providing an effective date.    
                       The legislature has passed Florida’s $70.4 billion  
                     budget for Fiscal Year 2010-11, the largest budget in  
                        recent years. While economic recovery is on the    
                     horizon, General Revenue dollars are still scarce and  
                      spending has to be carefully prioritized to provide  
                       the most critical services to the citizens of our    
                       state. The majority of the budget provides funding  
                          essential state services, protects our most      
                     vulnerable, keeps our citizens safe, and provides for  
                     the education of our children. For that I am grateful  
                     to our legislative leaders and commend their efforts.  
                          My constitutional duty as the state’s chief      
                     administrator for planning and budgeting for the state
                        is to ensure the appropriate use of the people’s    
                       money. Therefore, I directed my staff to provide a  
                      thorough review of each item in the budget. Through  
                     this process we have identified projects in the budget
                     that were inserted late in the process; funded outside
                         of established processes; and earmarked funds      
                     benefiting a select group or geographic region. While  
                         projects fitting this criteria were not vetoed    
                      comprehensively, they were reviewed exhaustedly and  
                     approved if they served the most vulnerable, provided  
                     for job creation, or stimulated economic development.  
                               Interim Secretary Dawn K. Roberts            
                                 SOME HIGHLIGHTS TO KNOW ABOUT              
                      Last, Iam also concerned about rate reductions that  
                     affect providers that serve Florida’s most vulnerable  
                        citizens. Providers that serve the needs of the    
                     developmentally disabled have been subject to numerous
                     rate reductions in the past few years. This additional
                          reduction in the Fiscal Year 2010-11 General      
                     Appropriations Act of 2.5 percent places many of these
                       services needed by the developmentally disabled at  
                         risk and many providers will have to shut down    
                     operationd and close their doors. I am concerned about
                        leaving the developmentally disabled population    
                     without a robust service delivery system to meet their
                      needs and provide the specialty care they need. For  
                      these reasons, I am also vetoing proviso related to  
                           the 2.5 percent provider rate reductions.        
                          Specific Appropriation 24.2 Pages 72 and 73      
                                  Aportion of proviso language              
                         Funds in Specific Appropriation 242 reflect a      
                     reduction of $6,465,891 from the General Revenue Fund  
                      and $10,346,098 from the operations and Mainternance  
                      Trust Fund as a result of reducing provider rates by  
                       2.5 percent, effective July 1st 2010 Personal Care  
                          Assistance , Transportation, Waiver Support      
                      Coordination, durable medical equipment, consumable  
                          medical supplies, and environmental and home      
                     accessibility services are specifically excluded from  
                     this reduction target. The agency shall amend provider
                        contracts, cost plans and rules as necessary to    
                               achieve this recurring reduction.                                                                       
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                       paragraph in the link below about DD provider veto  
                           and others as well in the 10 page document