Corrie ten Boon, the World War II heroine and Christian author, often said that she was an expert in worrying because she never fully mastered the technique of giving the Lord those things which concerned her.  For that reason, I feel I’m an expert in the art of pacing yourself.  I’ve never learned how to do this.  However, there are some things that I have seen that work.  Here are 10 workable techniques.

  1. Learn to say, “No” to things God has not called you to do.
  2. Keep your priorities.  First, in your life should be your relationship with the Lord.  Prayer and Bible study should be in your life each day.  I begin my day prayer and end with reading the Scriptures. 
  3. Fellowship with other Christians is a must.  If most of the people you know begin conversations with “I know you are really busy,”  you are TOO busy.  Go back to #1.
  4. Years ago a wonderful friend, Woody Johnson told me, “God is not a slave driver.”  If you feel driven, you must again return to #1.
  5. Understand that there are some people who can only do one thing at a time.  They do it well and they accomplish amazing things.  If you are a One Thing person, stick to your guns.  Incidentally, I’ve seen that the One Thing People master #1 quickly.
  6. If you are a ten task person, learn to prioritize those tasks by sorting through them daily.
  7. Don’t hang on to tasks or duties that should be dropped.  At camp this year, I realized that I was trying to do several things that should be left to other paid staff.  Only the government can afford to hang onto programs that are outdated and ineffective.  You don’t have the time or energy.
  8. Learn what activities drain you and drop them or delegate them to others.  I quickly learned that being responsible for the refreshments at Special Gathering programs was a seemingly small task but one that took a lot of joy from my life.  I was thrilled when others came along side and wanted to do the refreshments.  Delegation was a true joy.
  9. Delegate, delegate, delegate. 
  10. Of course, once you have given the job to another, you must turn it loose.  Bob will not do the job the same way you do it.  However, his way may even be better. 

Yep, these are techniques your grandfather used; but they still work, even in the 21st century.  Try it; you’ll hate them at first.  Then you will love it.