Changes within the developmental disabilities (DD) world swirl around like buzzards. With government budgetary restraints and cuts, come difficult decisions by our legislators, county officials and parents. Special Gathering does not receive any federal, state or county funding. Our support comes from churches.  However, government changes mean an unrest and unsettled time for our members and their family.

Special Gathering is becoming the one stable thing in their lives. Camp Agape, May 28 to 31, takes on new meaning this year, as we prepare. Next year may be vastly different for the lives of our members and their families. However, by God’s grace and with the continuing support of local congregations, this program may be the one stable thing in their confused lives. Respite time for our members (from their families) and our families (from their children) is a great blessing. Local congregations make this happen with prayers and financial support.

As we come apart and learn about the Lord Jesus, there is need for our members, volunteers and staff to remember that God is our source, not taxes and legislative spending. Each of us who minister within the mentally challenged community must keep Our Source in focus now, more than ever.