God’s Spirit Moved


Genesis 1:1 and 2

Central Theme: God‘s Spirit moves in my life.

Introduction–Bring a book about the life of a person. Explain this is the story of a person. We all have a story and that story begins when God moved in our lives.

I. Have a member read Genesis 1:1 and 2

  • A. God‘s movement in our lives is something which began long before we were born.
  • B. God knew me and saw me and planned me at creation.
  • C. God knew you and saw you and planned your life at creation.
  • C. God even had a plan for our salvation.

II. God‘s Spirit moved.

  • A. That part of God which broods with gentleness and peace began the movement of the world.
  • B. This shows us that God‘s first impulse toward us was in love, not judgment.

III. Let’s look at the work of the Holy Spirit

  • A. He is the part of God which draws us to Himself.
  • B. He is the part of God which constantly works with us and woos us with love.
  • C. He is the part of God that is always gentle, kind and loving.

Conclusion–God‘s loving spirit brooded or moved toward our creation.