I turned on my overhead fan tonight the first time in about four months.  We’ve had overhead fans for more than 30 years and I can’t remember many days that we didn’t have the fan turning, until this winter.  After exercising tonight, I happily clicked on the fan embracing the cool breezes.

There is the call of spring in the air.  I know that all of the northern hemisphere is enjoying spring.  However, this Florida spring is different.  In the forty-five years that we have lived in Central Florida, we have never experienced a true winter until this year.  During the winter of 2009 and 2010, there weren’t days of cold but months–4 months to be exact. 

The orange blossoms have a renewed smell this year because we were concerned that we would lose the orange trees but I’ve caught the intoxicating aroma in the air.  Lawns are no longer brown but turning green.  The trees that never lose their leaves dropped them all; but spring has renewed the limbs with buds.

Melvin works in a nursery.  He asked me for prayer a couple of weeks ago.  “We have lost most of our plants,”  he said.  This nursery began last year and specializes in helping people with special needs become employed.  Losing the plants could mean losing the nursery.  That means losing jobs for several of our members. 

As we all emerge from a hard winter, the call of spring doesn’t wait for us but bursts into the air bringing new hope and refreshing.  Last week, Melvin had been working in the fresh spring air every day.  He came to church happy and excited.  “Things are growing again.  All isn’t lost,”  his eyes sang out.  God’s renewing power has melted away the cold winter in our hearts.

Living in Central Florida, we sometimes lose the cycle of the seasons and their drastic changes.  However, I will remember this spring and Melvin’s excitement.  Spring has brought into our lives fresh joy and renewed hope. 

I hear the call of spring.  It’s a song and I love the melody.