Genesis 24 speaks about Abraham’s servant who had been sent to find a wife for Arbraham’s son, Issac.  The servant came to the place that his master had directed him to go; and he said a short prayer asking God to direct him to the right young woman to be Issac’s wife.

When Rebekah showed up, the servant actively followed her and saw that her actions answered his prayer directly and completely.  The servant again prayed, thanking God that He has shown mercy for his master, Abraham.  This is the picture of the kind of servant we should be. 

Katie is going on a special trip to visit Branson, MO and she is telling everyone in her group home.  In fact, when she sees that someone is hurt because he is not going, she seems to delight in reminding him of her privileged trip.  This has caused great tension in the home that she is living.  The problem is that Katie hates when anyone else gets  the smallest thing that she cannot have.  Even a stick of chewing gum that another person receives throws her into fits of despair.

Ah, it appears that Katie and Abraham’s servant have nothing in common.  However, I must admit that I relate much more with Katie than the servant.  When God is blessing me, I delight in telling everyone.  I shout from the rooftops how blessed I am.  Yet, I’m not nearly as thrilled when someone else is on the blessing end of the stick.  Even the smallest blessing of another person can throw me into deep wonderings about God’s love for me. 

Each of us battle with the favor of others, but this servant had learned a valuable lesson.  God’s favor on us should also come in the form of a blessing for another.  What about you?  Are you able to rejoice with those who rejoice?  As God’s servant shouldn’t we be able to look beyond our petty needs and wants to be happy about the blessings of others.