At the top menu is a new page that has been added.  It is the Discussion page.  Because of the volume of information (almost 1,000 entries) on The Special Gathering Blog home page, people find it hard to navigate and find things.  That is understandable.

I’ve been asked by several people to try to make things a bit easier to maneuver and begin discussions.  There are  leaders who would like to begin or add to a discussion regarding ministry issues.  But every solution seems more complicated than the next.

This new page could be the answer if you would like to begin a new discussion or add to a discussion that has been posted.  All of the discussions will be labeled as a category the side of the page, as DISCUSSION ABOUT… 

If a new discussion is started, it should first be added as a comment.  Then, I will post it onto the main page as a new discussion.  Then others can add to the discussion through their comments. 

Obviously, there is the matter of monitoring.  If you would like to begin a new discussion, you may want to put the words NEW DISCUSSION as your comment begins.  Each day, I am notified through several vehicles that comments have been added to this blog, making my monitoring easier.  I will even monitor more closely comments added. 

This may or may not be the answer to the ongoing problems of finding an easy way to discuss ministry issues.  However, it has worked with other blogs.  I hope it works for the leaders within the disability community.