The voice on the other end of the phone seemed almost frantic.  “We’ve been waiting for half an hour and the bus hasn’t come yet.  Are you sure they are going to pick us up.  It’s Easter and we CANNOT miss church.”

I recognized the young woman on the other end of the phone.  She had moved from the central part of the county and she had come to Special Gathering for the first time last week.  It was 7:15am and the bus didn’t leave the bus station until 7:45am but she and her roommate had been waiting since 6:45am. 

I explained that I put her on the list to be picked up and I was sure that she had been added to the pick-up list.  I told her she would be the first person to be picked up.  At 7:45, I got another call.  “Where is the bus?”  I was close to her bus stop because I was ending my van route.

Again, I explained that the bus had just left the station but I offered to pull onto her road to insure that she would be picked up.  “I cannot miss church.  It’s Easter!”  she informed me again.

I aimed the van toward her road and as I turned onto the street, I saw the bus pull away from her bus stop.  Of course, a few minutes later, I got another call telling me that she had been picked up.  Finally, there was relief in her voice. 

This is why I love doing what I do.  Our members may not understand calculus or how the position of the heavenly bodies effect the tides; but they clearly catch the importance of Resurrection Sunday.  They may not be able to read or write but the message of God’s unlimited love reaches their understanding with depth and magesty.  And that makes my heart sing.  Glorious Day!   Amazing Savior!