I came back from South Carolina late Saturday evening tired to the bone.  Sunday’s worship was wonderful.  Pam Gillespie, a former Special Gathering staff person and now a volunteer, preached and lead praise and worship.  I was able to sit back and observe.  It was an anointed service.

Today is our son’s birthday.  He is older than I feel, even carrying the tireness of a busy week.  However, I wanted to say that it’s a wonderful thing to have adult children who love each other and love their mother and father.  This past week, our son saw his son pass into adulthood.  It is interesting watching the passage of children and grandchildren venturing into the world of adulthood.

A very wise mother of a mentally challenged woman once told me to never cry when my children successfully pass from one stage of life to another.  These are the normal things which should happen.  I knew that she was speaking about her own daughter who would never don a wedding dress or attend college.  She would never have children or grandchildren.  She would not even be able to speak a clear sentence. 

I met a doctor many years ago whose daughter had spoken her name that morning.  She wept at the meeting.  “It’s taken her 15 years to be able to say ‘Mommy,’  but this is the happiest day of my life.”

I often think of my friend who is now struggling with cancer and whose daughter faces an uncertain future.  I pray for her and the doctor whose daughter is no longer 15 but approaching  her 30’s. 

Birthdays and graduations are times of celebration and rejoicing for all of us.

The last time I saw my friend, she said, “You know, I’ve been blessed beyond measure.  What a good life God has given to me and my daughter.”  Perhaps achievements and accomplishments are overrated commodities in the light of eternity.  Parents of special needs children seem to be able to understand that better than the rest of us. 

I do thank God for birthdays and graduations!  But also thank God for the peace and assurance of having just one more day shared with a loved one.