I’m a bit eccentric when it comes to doing tasks.  Most of the time, my eccentrics is extremely beneficial.  Other times, it is a great hindrance.  In my mind, I keep a series of tasks that need to be done.  Often, they are arranged in their order of importance.  Other times, they are organized by a time schedule.

When I was in an automobile accident a couple of months ago, I decided to do the traffic school route rather than lose points on my license.  It was far down on my list of things to do until the week before the deadline to complete it. I had planned part of my week around doing this task on-line.  I’d done a bit of research and figured out where to go and the amount of time it would take me. 

Unfortunately, my schedule became a bit unraveled by my husband’s health and I was stuck doing the on-line course after a day of traveling to DeLand for our monthly program.  Additionally, I had underestimated the amount of time the course work would take.  (Actually I had correctly estimated the amount of time it would take me to do the course.  However, I wasn’t allowed to move on to the next section until the time allotted had expired.  Which meant that the course had to be completed in four hours or more–not less.)  I started at 8:45pm and ended at 12:45am. 

I had in my mind a long list of things I would do that week, but the on-line course was on top.  I was traveling at warp speed the rest of the week knowing I had to complete my self-inflicted tasks.  At the end of the week, when I’d completed the last issue on my list, I was exceedingly happy.

My happiness didn’t come merely from the satisfaction of completing a task but that my last task had been the completion of making arrangements for the graduation of boot camp at the end of March for our grandson.  Completion in this case means a great deal to everyone in our family. 

Like every teen I’ve known over my lifetime, my grandson has struggled the last couple of years.  Knowing his great potential and loving him a great deal, I’ve struggled with him in prayer.  This week marks the completion of his childhood and he has finished gloriously.  None of us in his family are surprised.  All of us are happy.

We will attend his graduation and laugh and cry with him.  Today is his day.  Congratulations, SeaBass.  We are all proud of you.