Over the past two years, I’ve done a lousy job of organizing the material that is published on this blog.  After about six months of articles, I knew I had to make a decision.  Would this be a teaching/informational blog or would it be an advocacy blog.  I made the decision to make it both.

I divided the advocacy section to be published on Saturday.  There were two reason for this decision.  First, advocacy is the information that most people will use a search engines to acquire.  Therefore, it doesn’t really matter what day it is published.  Second, Saturday is the day that gets the least amount of traffic.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter what information is contained on the first weekend day. 

While advocacy is a vital part of what we do at Special Gathering, this blog reaches into almost all the states and several countries.  The folks who regularly visit, do so on Monday through Friday.  Readers from other states and countries aren’t interested in Florida budgets, state politics or agency issues.  The traffic that comes to the advocacy articles–and it is significant–comes primarily  through the search engines. 

Sunday is the day I publish a sermon.  I’ve kept years of sermons in my files.  I’m now publishing sermons that were preached nine years ago.  While this is the page that gets the least amount of traffic, I still feel it is beneficial for the person who may want to understand the basic rudiments of preaching to people who are mentally challenged.

Week days are reserved for teachings and reflections.  I don’t sort these articles efficiently.  On occasion, I do a series of teaching articles.  However, I hijack myself continually by interrupting a series of teachings with some reflection that I feel is important.  Perhaps it’s an age thing.  Experts say that the older brain thinks differently from the younger brain, and the older brain is more prone to allow interruptions and distractions which side track their efforts.  Perhaps it’s merely a problem that all daily columnists face. 

Nevertheless, navigating this blog should not be an adventure in the unknown.  I hope this clears up some of your questions about the construction of these entries.  I sincerely thank you  for coming and reading.  You make this blog profitable in the Kingdom.