This information could be useful for ministries seeking to fill paid-leadership positions.  It comes from David Hayward in Vancouvre, Canada.

I guess in Joy Fellowship we have always filled leadership positions in the past from within the group. God has always raised up leaders from within our volunteer base, and that way we know them, and they know the people.  Additionally, we can assess their skills and relationships – most of the time this has worked well.

We have had a couple of situations where a volunteer who was NOT selected when a position was being filled, became offended.  At least once that led to a lasting bitterness against my father and the person he chose.  But normally the group also recognizes the ability and the suitability of the person God has brought into leadership. In these cases, academic qualifications have almost never been very important. In fact, our leaders have rarely had special education backgrounds or theological backgrounds. (Joy Gregory, who lead our organization for many years, was an exception, in the sense that she had a Special Ed degree).

Their primary qualifications have been that we have been able to observe their interactions, their ability to speak, or lead worship or a study in a way that seemed appropriate to our congregation.