Trust Pleases God

Romans 5:8

Central Theme: Trusting God makes him happy.

Introduction–What makes you happy?  Being with your girlfriend?  Having a good meal with friends?  Going to work? God desires that we trust him and our trust makes him happy.  He has provided a way for us to please him.

       I.     Have a member read Romans 5:8. 

              A. God desires that we trust him but he did not leave anything to chance.

              B. He sent Jesus to die for us, while we were still sinners.

              C. He did everything he could to make us want to trust him. 

                   1.  Nehemiah went to rebuild the wall when the wall of Jerusalem had been torn down.

                   2.  He had a plan and he had people who were willing to work.

                   3.  But he first had to trust God to prepare the way.

                   4.  There were enemies who could make things hard for him–but he trusted God.

      II.     We often have things in our lives that make us want to turn away from doing what is right.

              1.  God wants us to trust him and lean or him.

              2.  Things may not work out right for us but God will work for our best.

Conclusion–What makes you happy?  More important, what makes God happy?  We do when we trust him.