We have been asked to help our friends at the University of Central
Florida with research they are performing on the families of children
with disabilities and special health care needs.
Dr. Andrew Daire, Associate Professor in the University of Central
Florida (UCF) Counselor Education program, and his research
assistant, Ms. Vanessa Dominguez, are developing an adjustment
measure for families that have children with special needs.They are
requesting the participation of individuals that are at least 18
years of age, married and the parent of a child with a special need.
All participants must be in a committed, monogamous relationship.
Your participation will involve completing the following surveys
online: the Informational Questionnaire, the Family Adjustment
Measure, the Relationship Assessment Scale, and the Perceived Stress
Scale. The surveys will take approximately 30 to 35 minutes to
complete. All information that you provide is anonymous; there will
be no way to identify you.
You will not directly benefit from this study. However, the
information you provide may assist in further defining the concept of
coping and adaptability in families that have children with special
If you are willing to participate, please follow this link to connect
to the Family Adjustment Measure Project surveys:
If you are not connected automatically, then you can cut and paste
the link into the address box on your web browser and press enter.
If you have questions, concerns, or complaints Dr. Andrew Daire
(407-823-0385) or at adaire@mail.ucf.edu.
Thanks very much,
The Family Cafe