Hello everyone!

We have just been informed that SAC/LAC have been eliminated from the Senate Budget Proposal for the next fiscal year.   The Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee will be meeting next  week to review and make a final recommendations.

If you would like to help save your program, please email the committee members below and express your concerns.   Please take some time to email each of them.  I suggest you begin your email with the following:

   ” It is my understanding that the Florida Statewide and Local Advocacy Councils have been eliminated in the Senate Budget Proposal. ”

After that first line, use your own words to express your reasons why this program should not be eliminated.  Your own words will have more impact than the same letter being sent by a number of people.

Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee:

Chair  – Senator  Durall Peaden, Jr. (R)                  peaden.durell.web@flsenate.gov

Vice-Chair – Senator Nan H. Rich (D)                     rich.nan.web@flsenate.gov

Member –    Senator Don Getz (R)                         gaetz.don.web@flsenate.gov

Member –   Senator Mike Haridopolos (R)               haridopolos.mike.web@flsentae.gov

Member –   Senator Joe Negron  (R)                       negron.joe.web@flsenate.gov

Member –   Senator Eleanor Sobel (D)                   sobel.eleanor.web@flsenate.gov

You are the volunteers that advocate for the citizens of Florida.  You give your time, your knowledge and your caring.  You are needed.  Consider sharing with them a successful story of your council’s efforts with Baker Act cases, or anything that can show the value of SAC/LAC.

Please send your emails before Monday morning, to ensure they are read before the committee’s next meeting.

Thank you for all that you do.

Bryan Morgan
Chief of Staff
Florida Statewide Advocacy Council
400 West Robinson Street, Suite N301
Orlando, FL 32801
407.245.0970 (fax)

Visit us on our new website at:  www.dms.myflorida.com/fsac