I met Aunt Betty who started an orphanage in Haiti a few years ago.  I’ve heard about her for several years.  Because of the earthquake her orphanage of 24 has swollen to 354.  As she stood in the pulpit just before I spoke to the church on Sunday morning at New Hope Ministries in Wabasso, she said, “Linda, please come and minister to my children who are developmentally delayed.”  She smiled and said, “You know I’m serious.”

I smiled back.  I remembered that I would not allow my teenage daughter to do a missions trip to Haiti because I told her that she wasn’t called to go there.  I didn’t want my teenager to be exposed to the disease and filth of that Caribbean country.  Of course, it was a joke because I knew that my daughter didn’t want to go to Haiti.  However, I’ve never felt a pull toward Haitian missions. 

But this is the second invitation I received in the past three months.  Like my teenage daughter, I don’t believe that I’m called to this country.  Yet, these invitations have sparked in me a desire to pray for laborers for the harvest of people in this nation who are mentally challenged. 

Perhaps you would like to join me in these prayers.