We Please God When we Obey Him

Acts 5:29

Central Theme:   God gave us His 10 laws so that we can live happy and safe lives.

Introduction–All of God’s laws have been given to us to help us and for our good.  As an example, when I was a little girl, I stole a piece of cloth from my good friend, Mrs. Youngblood.  It was a scrap but she knew I took it and she sat me down and talked to me about stealing.

                1.    She explained that we only steal from ourselves when we take things that don’t belong to us.  I did not understand but I stopped stealing.

                2.    When I was in junior high I started cheating on tests and then I found out that I was only cheating myself because I was giving more answers than I was getting.

                5.      Have a member read Act 5:29.

       I.     Each of the ten commandments or laws is given for our good.

      II.     God expects us to follow his laws but he does not expect us to do it alone.

              A. He gave us Jesus as an example.

              B. He gives us the Holy Spirit who helps to teach us and show us the way.  (We all have a conscience)

              C. He gives us the Bible to explain the laws and how we can live and examples of good people and bad people.

              D. He gives us the church where we can meet Christian friends who will help us do what is right.

              E.  He gives us teachers who explain God’s ways to us and remind us of what we should do.

              F.  He gives us prayer so that we can talk to Him and confess our weaknesses.

Conclusion–God‘s laws make our lives easier and he gives us lots of helps to make obey his laws easier.