Worship Pleases God

Psalm 95:2

Central Theme:  God‘s people should know how to worship him.

Introduction–Ask the question, “What is worship?”  Wait a long time for a reply. 

      A.     Worship is one of those words we talk a lot about but may not know                            much about.

              1.  We may sing when we worship, but singing is not worship.

              2.  We may worship when we go to church, but going to church is                               not worship.

              3.  Have a member read Psalm 95:2.

       I.     Worship is loving and obeying God.  Amos gave us some guidelines for worship. 

          A. We must worship God for the right reason–because we love him.

          B. We must turn away from our sin.

          C. We must obey God to truly worship him.

          D. We must love God in everything we do.

      II.     King Solomon learned how to worship God when he built the temple.

              A. He obeyed God and did exactly what God wanted. 

              B. He loved God so much that he wanted to make a good place for him.

              1.  At Special Gathering, we are careful about how we set us the building–because it is a place of worship.  We want the chairs to match and be straight.  We want the table to the centered correctly.  Details matter.

              2.  A member once said, “I always feel good when I come into church.”  But we were meeting at the ARC building.

          C. During King Solomon’s worship time, he knew he was a sinner but he was willing to ask God to forgive him of his sins.

Conclusion–Special Gathering should be a worship place.  We are the only people who can make it a worship place.  We do that by worshipping Jesus.