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Subject: Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee 15%

> budget reduction proposal
 “Suzanne Sewell” <
 <>> 2/18/2010 12:04 PM >>>
 Yesterday, the Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee reviewed agency submissions in response to a request that agencies should submit 15% Budget Reduction proposals. APD submitted the following proposals:
_Item GR & Trust_
-Cap Tier 1 at $120,000 $ 12,600,000
-Eliminate behavior assistance services in standard and behavior focus group homes $ 4,000,000
-Reduce CDC+ accounts by 10% $ 3,319,623
-Consolidate and Reduce Meaningful Day Activity Services $113,925,118
-Eliminate Medication Reviews $ 100,636
-Consolidate Durable and Consumable Medical Equipment $ 932,093
-Reduce General Revenue Budget in Individual and Family Supports Category $ 1,000,000
-Room and Board Category $ 200,000
-Eliminate funding for Special Projects and Supported Employment (GR) $765,985
– Eliminate Budget Related to Reversions of FY 08-09 _$ 733,648_ $137,577,093
-The proposal to consolidate Meaningful Day Activity services represents a 40% reduction for the involved services. Director Jim DeBeaugrine explained implementation would result in the blending of Adult Day Training, Respite, Companion, Supported Employment, and Supported Living into one service which would be known as a Flexible Services Benefit and total hours of services received by individuals would have to be because it would be devastating to individuals served but to achieve the 15% reduction such cuts would have to occur.
-In the Senate Policy and Steering Committee on Ways and Means, Medicaid Reform expansion was reviewed. The primary expansion area that was addressed was traditional Medicaid coverage to more counties (MediPass for children and families). Some discussion occurred regarding the impact on “carve outs” in the areas of Mental Health Behavioral Health,
Dental, and Transportation services. There was no discussion on adding APD waivers or long-term care services as part of the Medicaid Reform(Managed Care) waivers.
-On the House side, we met with Representative Snyder and his committee
staff to discuss Background Screening changes. House staff encouraged us to work with them on this issue. More information will be forthcoming.
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