I’ve spent the last few days with an extremely close friend who is dying.  Three of us spent the last three days together.  He was terribly ill during their visit; but we laughed and talked when he could. 

At one point, I took him a blanket.  “I’m not an invalid; I’m just dying,” he quipped.  The three of us, close friends, burst into laughter.  And then we laughed again at his ability to find humor in the face of great trauma. 

My friend is dying because of a careless lifestyle.  He has lost everything, except his sin life.  And he refuses to lose that, even though it is killing him.  However, as I sat and held his hand, all I could remember was a blonde-headed, loving and caring child.  I saw him playing high school football and becoming captain of the team.  As a young adult, he looked exactly like the 1960’s teenage idol, Tab Hunter and all the girls loved him. 

It is a great mystery to me why my friend will not turn his life back to the Lord.  But during the week, I just wanted to love him as Jesus loves him, without reservation.  This morning as my company drove off, I was struck with a deep lonliness and I was sure this is the kind of feeling God has when we wander from him…only He loves and grieves more deeply. 

Pray for my friend.  Pray that he will come back home to the faith of his father and mother and he will give up the things that are killing him.