I had an interesting conversation with a friend today.  She said that for years she didn’t think that she had any talents, until she realized that her ability to make up creative recipes and work with people was a gift that God had given to her.  In reality, I see her as one of the most talented people I’ve met.  She has an eye for detail and putting things together to make them attractive and effective.  However, it wasn’t until SHE saw those talents for herself did she begin to move comfortably in her gifts.

In the past weeks, there has been an interesting conversation going on among leaders within the community of leaders within the mentally challenged community.  The question was asked, “How do you help your members identify and optimis their gifts.  Of the next few day, I’ll be using the answers that various people submitted. 

It do think, however, that our members often go through life thinking that they have little to offer society.  That is not true.  There are many gifts with which God has blessed our members.  The mystery is identifying them and allowing our members to operate within their gifting. 

Another important key is helping our members discover for themselves that they are gifted and that God wants to use them in the gifts that they have.  Like my friend, Pam, sometimes releasing a person to know that they have talents and gifts is as vital as discovering what the gifts are.

How have you been able to teach your members that they are gifted individuals and that God desires to use them?