We Please God When we Follow True Teachings

Titus 2:1

Central Theme:  God wants us to turn away from the sin in our lives and follow true teachings.

Introduction—Make and Show the sign, “I Want to Make God Smile Today.” 

       I.     God does not always choose people who look right to do a job.

              A. Tell story of Amos.

              B. People were supposed to be born into certain families to be       prophets.

              C. God wanted to teach his people what true teachings were.

              C. Have a member read Titus 2:1.

              D. Amos was not a person anyone would choose.

                   1.  He was rough but that was what God needed.

                   2.  He was brusk and stern but that was what God needed.

              E.  God wanted his people to hear from a no-nonsense person.

           II.     What are the true teachings of God?  What are the teachings that make him smile?

                   A. God wants us to move toward doing good things for others.

              B. My children were never bored in the summer because they had work to do and if they complained about being bored, I would give them more work.

                   C. God wants us to be occupied with doing good things.

                   1.  When my son was a young teenagers and he was surfing in the water, he could not smoke pot.

              2.  When you are doing your job at work, you don’t have time complain and gossip.

              3.  On the bus, if you are thinking about doing good things for others and planning ways to bless your friends and family, you don‘t have time to get into trouble.

Conclusion–Ask people if they would like to make God smile by doing good.  Have them stand if they do.  Give each person a sign to put on their walls.