We Choose to Have Self-control

Isaiah 26:3

Central Theme:   Self-control means that we are able to make ourselves behave correctly.

Introduction–The Bible says, “He who controls himself is better than he who rules a city.”  

                1.    It must be harder to control yourself than rule a city.

                2.    It is easier to see that others do what is right than that we do what is right.

                3.    We have a crisis in the church because men of God never learned to control themselves and they reached out and hurt others.

                5.      Have a member read Isaiah 26:3.

       I.     Self control has many faces.

              1.  Tell the story of Daniel and the 3 captives who chose to not eat the king’s food.

              2.  They had self-control in what they ate.

      II.     These are the things we have absolute control over.

              A. What we eat and drink.

              B. What we say.

              C. What we think and think about.

              D. Who we worship

              E.  While we may not be able to control

                   1.  Where we live.

                   2.  Where we go. 

                   3.  Where we work. 

     III.     Taking control of our lives usually means the top three things first.  

              A. The credit card companies have targeted you in the mentally challenged community.  You must be self- control because your money is limited.

Conclusion–Self-control means that I will make sure that my body does what I want it to do.