I received this comment today regarding memorizing the Scriptures.  It was from KDL, a reader, mom of a child with developmental delays and a Bible study teacher:

I am challenged by memorizing the Scriptures  in my daughter’s Sunday school class –for which I’m writing the curriculum. Most of the kids are not old enough to read yet. Only one child reads. The others that are old enough have learning differences.

 I’ve been giving them one verse each month. I send it home (written out) on their take home sheets hoping that Mom or Dad will read it to them a few times. Each month I spend part of one lesson “drilling” on the verse. We read it several times in a row.

To make it fun for the kids we read it in different voices sometimes. One time I taught them hand motions for the key words. Music might help. I always show them how to find the verse in a “grown up Bible” and I try to fit the verse into the story that I tell that week.

Several other ideas are to have each person represent a word.  Say the verse two or three times with the people standing up.  Point to each person as you say the words.  Then, one by one ask a person to sit down.  Have the audience repeat the verse without the word-person present.  This is a technique that the Greeks used to be able to memorize long passages.  I’ve found it also works with our members.

You can change the system by giving the people a copy of their word written on a sheet of paper.  They will hold the verse up in front of them.  Then take away the words one at a time.  You can also use figures or pictures to teach the words.  In teaching the creation, I used figures for each day created.  Silly illustrations are actually better than real figures.  For dividing the water, I used two glasses.  One filled with water; the other empty.  Then I put half the water into the empty glass.   Picturing silly illustrations is also a technique used for memorizing. 

Of course, an over-all principle is that the sillier you can make the memorization process, the more quickly and easily your members will learn.

I do believe that our members are not able to learn a weekly verse but a monthly verse that is taught is week is learnable for even our lower functioning members.