On Saturday, more than 100 people from Special Gathering went to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  It was a Brevard County Recreation Department event.  Most of the people who went were attending with their support staff.  On the other hand, I was responsible for seven of our folks.  There were also four other volunteers who were traveling with us.  Therefore, it was not a difficult day for any of us.

I had to travel an hour to get to the Vero pick up.  We were leaving from Vero at 7:30am to get to Animal Kingdom.  Therefore, I got up to get ready at 5am.  As I stumbled from bed, I was thinking how tired I was and how difficult it was to get up this early and drive an hour even before we left for Orlando. 

Then out of the blue a thought came into my mind.  “It is a really great job when going to Disney for the day is the hardest thing you do.”  Iverna Thompkins once said that you can tell when a thought is from the Lord because it will be smarter than you are.  Obviously, this was the Holy Spirit speaking to me. 

As I continued to dress, I laughed at myself.  Working with people stuck in junior high socially, certainly has it advantages.  They are fun and grateful.  But more than that, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share the gospel with this wonderful population.