I choose Gentleness

Ephesians 4:2

Central Theme:  Gentleness is showing tenderness and love to others.

Introduction—My grandson was told again and again, “Be gentle with your new baby sister.”  We would bearly touch the baby and move our finger bearly touching the skin to show him what gentle meant. We know we are to be gentle to babies but what about each other? Have a member read Ephesians 4:2.

       I.     Moses had been a shepherd for 40 years.  He knew what gentleness was because you must be gentle with sheep. 

          A. Now Moses was overworked leading the people of Israel when his Jethro, father-in-law came to see him. 

          B. Jethro said, “This is not good.  You will not be able to continue to do this. You need to divide the work.”

                   1.  Maybe Jethro was concerned that Moses would lose the gentle care he had learned when tending sheep?

                   2.  God knows that we must be gentle with each other.

          C. My Korean daughter-in-law uses a form of disciple that is gentle.

          D. The corrections and rebukes that I remember the most have been the most gentle.  My friend, Wylene, was able to gently rebuke me. 

      II.     Some people are born gentle, but most people must grow in gentleness.

              A. We grow in genleness by being gentle to other. 

              1.  We need to be gentle in the way we touch each other.

              2.  But the greatest damage is done in the way we talk to each other.

Conclusion—My grandson was taught how to be gentle with his baby sister.  Jethro was concerned that the shepherd, Moses, would lose his gentle touch learned tending sheep.  Each of us is either learning how to touch tenderly or we are striving to maintain a gentle touch.