Disney has offered people a free day at one of their parks if they will give a day volunteering with a non-profit organization.  The Special Gathering in Brevard and Indian River have qualified.  If you are interesting and live in either of these counties, you will need to volunteer for two hours and your time must be scheduled through me.

However, you begin by going to the Disney park sites.  To get there I google, “Disney give and get.”  That will take you to the Disney web page.  At the top of the page is the menu, Get and Give.  Click into that.  You will need to put in zip code near Brevard.  The catagory to best use is Arts and Culture to find Special Gathering.  You may need to go to the second page to find SpG.  When you find SpG, you will then click into the More Information button.  You will need to fill in your name and e-mail address and put a note to SpG.

After that you will get an e-mail to ask about your point of interest, answer it and your time can be scheduled.  When you have been scheduled with Special Gathering, you will need to schedule your time on the website.  You can access that in the e-mail you receive. 

When you work, SpG will verify that you fulfilled your commitment.  My understanding is that after this you will receive an e-mail from Disney that will serve as a certificate entitling you to a ticket.

Small children cannot volunteer with Special Gathering.  Our age limit is 10 years old.  There are other opportunities for children to help, however, with other organizations.

More than 30 people have signed on to vounteer with SpG.  Perhaps you may want to join us for a worship service and time of helping and service.