Too tired to be kind?  Often I feel that way.  When we do get tired–and all of us get there–it is hard to be kind and loving to our members.  Today, I spent the day with six member from South Carolina, their area director, Ferne Brandt, and a volunteer.  We got up early and came home about 6:30pm.  Supper was hurriedly finished and meds were given.

As the day waned, I found myself feeling tired and on the verge of expressing cutting remarks and sarcastic axioms.  I wasn’t responsible for the six members.  Therefore, I could merely withdraw from the conversation and the activity to finish the stack of tasks that waited for me.

As I observed the activity that swirled around me, I was astonished by the humor and patience that the SpG director and her volunteer showed to their members.  Of course, Britty was told seven times that it was time for bed.  Rose became deaf when told that the bathroom was ready for her.  Clare forgot three times why she was in the bedroom and in her bed.  As she wandered back into the family room, each time Mrs. Brandt redirected her back into her room and helped her back into her bed.

Often those of us who work with our members are told that we are people with great patience.  We laugh.  Sometimes we explain that we merely have a very warped sense of humor.  However, tonight I was impressed with the patience AND humor I experienced from the swirls of movement that surrounded me. 

You cannot help but laugh as Britty explains that as soon as she has finished looking at the pictures in the book she just purchased about sea life she will become a Marine Biologist.  When Clare asked for the 500th time when she would be able to buy a new watch, you had to smile at the consistent persistance this elderly woman expresses. 

Paul told Timothy several times in the letters he wrote that  men and women learn and thrive best when things are kept simple.  Perhaps patience can best be exhibited when it is wrapped in the cellophane package of humor.  That is what I experienced this evening. This coupling of godly virtues can help each of us to survive no matter what tasks we face during a hard day.