I choose Faithfulness

Psalm 119:30

Central Theme:  Faithfulness is an active choice we make.

Introduction–My glasses do not have a choice in  whether they will work or not.  They let me see and see clearly every time I put them on.  I wish I could say I was that faithful.  I wish I was as consistent and dependable as my glasses BUT my glasses do not have a choice.  I have a choice.

       I.     Have a member read Ps 119:30

          A. I must choose each day, if I will be faithful to God and the people around me.  Tell of a member that you know set his/her heart on God.

          B. Faithfulness is choosing each time you are faced with a choice to obey God.

          C. Faithfulness is setting our hearts on God.  We choose.

           II.     Things do not have a choice.

              A. Does the SCAT bus decide where it will go?  The driver decides.

              B. My glasses did not decide the strength they would be, the optician did that.

     III.     I cannot put my heart on a permanent setting to be faithful.

                   A. Each day is a new time of making myself faithful.

                   1.  In our community, we hear a lot about choices.

              2.  Everyone makes choices to be faithful or unfaithful to the Lord.

              3.  Perhaps one of the most faithful men in the Bible was Noah.

                   (Tell a short story about Noah.)

              4.  Jesus choice to be faithful and went to the cross.

Conclusion–Faithfulness is choosing to obey God.  Objects may be faithful but they don’t get to choose.  God has given us the wonderful benefit of choice.