Few of us admit that we actually enjoy studying and learning.  Yet, having an opinion that is founded in real facts is an exciting experience.  Some facts are learned in books; others are learned from junkets into real life.

Last night several speakers at the disability conference held at Northland Church in Orlando met for a dinner of fellowship and to learn from each other.  Yes, we discussed facts and figures of ministry.  Slowly, the conversation melted into fun and laughter, comparing notes of foibles and misadventures that we all experience.  Things that we will all try to avoid. 

Part of the serious discussion had revolved around liability.  How far do we  take this looming threat?  When does legitimate concern before fear?  One ministry head quoted Nehemiah.  He said, “It is important to guard the walls and pray.”  He believes that his job as head of a ministry is to guard against ruinous events that could take down a ministry and pray for God’s protection. 

Until I was heading a ministry, I must admit that I was on the side of the argument that his actions were over zealous.  However, a few weeks after I took the reigns of SpG of Indian River, Inc., I understood his zeal.  When it is your members, you want to do everything you can to safeguard their safety.  When it is your ministry, you become aware that maintaining the longevity of what God has called you to do is essential.   Lastly, your reputation and, therefore, your ministry and your members are put at risk without these safeguards.

True, there were a couple of hours of laughter.  But in the silence of my ride home, I pondered what I had learned.  The most important thing was a fortressing of the overarching need for protection in libelous areas. 

What about you?  Do you feel that risk managements is folly?  Or do you side with a zealous proactive approach?  Perhaps you are somewhere between.  Have you thought about why you have taken this position?  Share with us.