Pat Robertson has opened an interesting door of discussion that actually relates to our members.  Many Christians believe–and they may even be taught–that our members are disabled because they are cursed.  I know this is not a subject that we like to discuss.  However, like it or not, it is a topic that our members will face sometime in their lives.  Therefore, I believe that it is a subject that should be discussed.

First, after hearing much of what Robertson actually said, I don’t believe that he was saying that God was cursing the Haitian people.  I believe he was saying that the demonic influence they submit themselves to through voodoo and their bad choices mean that they live under a curse from the devil. 

The problem may stem from the fact that many people believe that there is only one supernatural power and that is from the God.  Clearly, there is more than one powerful force operating in the heavens.  Not everything that is supernatural is from God.

I also don’t believe that Robertson was saying that every individual in Haiti is living a cursed life.  The Scriptures clearly teach that if we are Christians, we have been freed from the curse of sin and death. 

While I believe that there are consequences to our sins and bad choices, I don’t see that God curses people but bad choices and sin put them under a curse from the enemy of their souls. 

Now the bigger questions is: Does this relate to our members?

As an overview, I believe that every person born is able to come to the saving grace of Jesus and every person is able to be released from any curses of the devil by coming to know the Lord as our Savior.  A few nights ago, I read an article written in 2007 by one of Billy Graham’s sons in which he tells of a deliverance he received from an affliction of demonic activity.  God didn’t curse him.  However, God was willing and able to deliver him.  That is the God we serve.

In some cases, I do believe that the bad choices (alcoholism, drug addiction) may lead to mental disabilities.  However, this does not mean that God has put a curse on this person. 

I also do not believe that an irregular or missing chromosome means that a person is under a demonic curse.  One pastor believes that this is part of God’s creative ability to make all people different and that those differences may not be evil–only different.  I personally like that explanation.  After all, if a person is born with an off-the-charts IQ, we don’t assume that there was demonic activity which caused that person to be born different.  Therefore, why wouldn’t the opposite be true also?  I don’t believe that IQ determines a person’s ability to come to know the Lord as their Savior and be eternally released from sin and death.

God has given each person the wonderful opportunity to know him as Father through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  As we pray for the Haitian people, remember the people with mental disabilities who may be left confused, hurt and with no one take care of them.