This is a comment that David Hayward from Joy Fellowship wrote regarding making disciples.  I thought you would all want to share in what he wrote:

In Joy Fellowship, making disciples has long been one of our goals. We have over 100 people who attend our worship services each Sunday morning, and 90% of them are involved in weekly Bible Studies. They love their Bibles, and they love to worship, and they love to pray. Perhaps 15% of them want more.
Years ago, Jean Vanier suggested that our friends with disabilities have had others serve them all their lives, but as disciples of Jesus, WE are ALL called to serve. We came to see that we all grow most as Christians in the practice of serving each other, and serving God – letting our light shine in the corner where we are.
So we began taking these folks who were more ‘motivated’ and wanted a deeper involvement on weekly outings to places where they could minister – first in a big institution for people with disabilties and then to group homes, and hospitals. Now this is a significant part of our ministry.
My ministry is always richer if I have some of my disabled friends with me, and those who are involved in this are almost always the ones who grow into leaders and in whose life we can see the Fruit of the Spirit flourish the most. Now we have leadership Retreats each year when 30 of us will go away for a weekend and work on skills, or discuss how we can better use our gifts, etc.