We forgive those people who hurt us–even those we love

Colossians 3:13

Central Theme:  Forgiveness must begin with the people we love.

Introduction–Bring the handle to a broken cup.  Pretend to drink without the cup.  Of course, I can’t drink from this cup because it is broken.  I have only the handle.  Pretending that I have a cup that is not broken doesn’t mean that I have a cup that is not broken.  Pretending that something did not happen does not mean that it did not happen.  As we look at forgiveness today, remember this cup is broken and can‘t be fixed.   Have a member read Colossians 3:13.

       I.     Tell the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers. 

              A. He could have had them killed but he forgave them instead.

              B. He did not pretend that they had not hurt him; but he forgave them anyway.

      II.     Forgiveness does not mean that the hurt or anger will go away when someone has been mean to us, especially when we are hurt by people we trust and love.

              A. Joseph told his brothers that he forgave them and he meant it.

              B  We can choose to forgive close friends and relatives, also.

              C. My mother once told me when I asked how she could forgive a close relative who was being mean to her, “When you have been through as much as I have been through you will see why I can forgive herpeople who have hurt ROS but he has chosen to forgive them.

                   1.  A pastor friend had been hurt by a close friend but this pastor continued to act in a loving way, seeking to continue to be friends with the man who hurt him.  I asked a pastor who had been injured if the things he had suffered didn’t hurt.  He said, “Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?”

     III.     Forgiveness gives us           

              A. Peace with God, other people and ourselves.

              B. Peace with ourselves means that we can heal easier.

Conclusion  Forgiveness does not make everything right, it just makes you right.