For those wanted to contribute to a viable and trusted Haitian ministry that has worked with the Haitian people for more than 25 years, Fishers of Men, Int. is a good resource.  Headed by Jay and Linda Threadgill, these couple founded and has pastored a church in Port-au-Prince that now numbers over 4,000 people. 

Fishers of Men is not a part of The Special Gathering.  We have no connection with this ministry.  However, I personally know of their work.  Many local churches in South Brevard contribute regularly to this ministry.

One building collapsed during earthquake and 30 seminary students were killed.  Others were killed or are missing.  However, the Threadgill’s have boots-on-the-grounds contact with the people injured and hurting. 

To contribute, send your funds to: 

Fishers of Men, Int.

P. O. Box 410953

Melbourne, FL  32941