About the time I become comfortable with inserting pictures in a blog, WordPress changed (improved?) their procedures for inserting pictures and videos to embedding.  That seemed good to me.  Embedding said to me that somehow more quickly than before pictures and videos would become a part of this blog.  However,  that wasn’t the case.  Somehow, the pictures didn’t even come up.

Now, I’ve found that embedded pictures are everywhere.  Only I must click on them to see them.  That is an extra step that I’m not interested in doing. 

Once again, the wild-world of technology reminds of what it must be like to be one of my members.  Steve must wait for Carl to change his watch each time day-light-savings-time changes.  Willie cannot manage to conquer the mystery of the car door handle.  The seatbelt is a horrible source of frustration for Janie.  If she can get the latch into the hole, she can’t get it click.  Watching her, almost melts me into tears.  I can only imagine how much self-control she must practice to not burst into anger or weeping.

While there are so many ways our members are greatly blessed, the maddening techno world slams me into their domain and I am again amazed at their ability to cope.  I am happy to be able to minister to these heroic men and women.