We are To Trust God, not what our mind says is right

Proverbs 3:5

Central Theme:  We must trust God, not what we think would be right.

 Introduction–Joseph was prime minister of Egypt.  His brothers showed up.  He tested them to see if they had changed.  They had and he let them know who he was.  He let them know he had trusted God and now God would save them.  Have a member read Proverbs 3:5.

       I.     Trusting God may mean that we don‘t always know what is going on.

              A. Trusting God means that we must love people who don‘t love us.

              B. Trusting means that we must treat everyone as important because they are.  (Some times the best thing we can do is make friends in low places.)

              C. Trusting means that there will be people who don‘t trust us.

              D. Trusting means that we must let God fight our battle and defend us.

      II.     When we trust God, it is a lot like of throwing mud against the wall.

              A. Some of it sticks. 

              B. We do good things for others and God gives us the blessing.

              C. The Bible says that goodness and mercy will follow us–we may not see it but we can trust God that it is true.

Conclusion      Bring laundry soap–we trust soap to get our clothes clean.  We trust a lot of things in life to help us–why not trust God?