For years my son carried a note pad that he called his brain.  A few days ago, I discovered a small note pad that my daughter left here over Christmas.  It was filled with Scriptures that I assume she is memorizing.  Because of an excellent comment left on the blog yesterday, I’ve been reminded of  II Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is given by God.  And all Scripture is useful for teaching and for showing people the things that are wrong in their lives.  It is useful for correcting fault and teaching how to live right.”

There are several verses that I call my guiding verses.  This has been one of those guiding verses most of my life.  I value the Scriptures.  Though I don’t believe that it’s true, comments I’ve made in the past have been taken out of context and I’ve been accused of putting the Scripture in the same place as God.  I do know the difference.  Nevertheless, I cannot discount the importance of reading and learning the Bible.

For that reason, I often struggle with ways to teach our members the Scriptures.  I believe that teaching the principles of the Scripture are not the same as teaching a Bible verse word-for-word.  When I first started ministering with Special Gathering, we took one verse each month and endeavored to help our members memorize it.  Then we moved to LifeWay curriculum and they have weekly Scriptures, not monthly verses.  I found that it was all but impossible for our members to learn a week verse.

Slowly, I’ve stopped drilling our members.  Then something happened, about a year ago, we incorporated a call to worship.  It is a verse that we use for three months.  As a result, the reader we use each week was able to memorize it.  Then our members took up the challenge and they began to memorize it.

My concern has been what do you do when about 70 percent of your members don’t read.  How do you teach word for word verses to people who can’t decipher the letters that form words.  I’m sure if I presented this problem to the group of pastors I meet with each week, they would laugh and say, “Hey, we have the same problem.  Our members can read and they still don’t memorize the Scriptures.”  However, because of the unique learning disabilities presented to our membership, I believe that knowing verses becomes even more important. 

There are things we do such as putting the verses that are used for the month in our newsletter as dizzy puzzles.  In Vero, our members insist that I read the verse for the week several times during our Bible study so they can hear it. 

In the past months, we have carefully examined worship and what we at Special Gathering do that is good and what needs to be changed.  I plan on keeping the quarterly verse but I’ve come to believe that a monthly memorization verse would also be of great advantage for our membership.  Perhaps giving out monthly note cards with the verse printed on it would be of benefit to your members.

What are some ways that you have used to help your members learn the Scriptures?  What are the most effective?  What has not worked?