In working for years with youth, part of my goal was to be sure that the young people in the youth group I was involved had friends.  It is equally vital within our population.  We all understand the pain of loneliness in our population.  Therefore, I wanted to pass on this note I received this morning regarding a young woman in New Jersey.  Perhaps you can help this parent.

We live in southern New Jersey. We are transplants from Philadelphia.
We are looking for a high functioning young adult to be friends with our daughter.  We have Christian beliefs. Does anyone know of anyone or organizations that would foster such a relationship? It’s hard going through life without any peers.

Because of exploitation, I would prefer that an organization be recommended.  I won’t refer any individuals to this person.  Because the writer gave me her name, I believe that this is a real person.  However, safety is still a paramount principle within our ministry.  I don’t know of any organization in New Jersey but perhaps some of you do.  Thanks.  Your comments will be welcomed.